It doesn’t cost anything

They are people we know, and others we are not acquainted with.People we see on the streets, malls, people just going on with their lives.So, have you ever for a second, stopped and wondered what could be going on in their lives?A stranger’s life?

There is really no criteria for being nice to a person.However, it won’t hurt to just say hi to the person sitting next to you in a matatu, or the person next to you when riding in the elevator.It won’t kill if you could just smile at a cashier and say ‘thank you’ to a waitress/waiter.

People are going through a lot of things; some lost their jobs, others have sick family members, some people have just lost their loved ones,  others are nursing a broken is a difficult world.

Do not necessarily intrude into their personal lives.Just make it a habit to be nice to people, it may go a long way into brightening someone’s day or it may birth a friendship we all long for.

When someone has gone out of their way to be nice to you, don’t be an a** about it. Go on, smile back, say hi..maybe a word or two.Treat others as you would wish to be treated, be kind.

If you met yourself, would you want to be friends with you?

Just Happens


It finds you unexpectedly

It beckons unknowingly

You respond willingly

You give unconditionally


You can never prepare

You are never aware

You can only dare

By saying a prayer


Truly unbelievable

Crazily undeniable

Totally inevitable

Completely unforeseeable


Love just happens.




‘NO’does not mean you can not!

One thing I have learned over time, much of the progress I have made in my life, has come after people said, ‘no you can’t do it.’

When I got expectant, people said won’t go to school,I did.When I chose my course,they said I cannot make it,it’s a men’s world ,but I made it (with honors lol).When I went looking for a job(literally),my own friends told me it is not possible,hauna connections, I got a job..when I got my first job working day and night shift, something I had never done before, the devil himself assured me I won’t make it,it’s unbelievable what happened…When I started working out,I was told you will not make it,now I cannot miss my morning run and I feel incredibly good about myself.

I would go on and on about the things I have done or seen people do which even myself, at some point, thought I couldn’t do.The list is endless.

But why do I do it or do people do it in the end?

I will tell you.It is the desire, the will, the purpose that drives me and the rest.In fact, when I am told ‘you can not’, that is the perfect fuel I need.It automatically becomes a challenge and I love being challenged!I give all it takes to make sure I do it because those who tell you ‘you can’t’, are always watching and they will sure cheer you when you make it.So, you don’t have to quit when you have been faced with temporary defeat or a seemingly ‘impossibe’ situation..after all the word itself is ‘I’M POSSIBLE’.

Remember the wall of Jericho?

‘NO’, does not mean you can not.The better portion of many things happen after the ‘NO’.When you know and are sure of what you want, you gotta push on, grind, pull, do whatever it takes until it happens, crying is allowed, sweating is allowed..but quitting is not allowed.


“For when a man really desires something so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win.”-Napoleon Hill

Enjoy your day!



In my mind,I have many ideas of how things should be like..for example,how a romantic relationship should look and feel like..

When I am all dressed up ,looking so beautiful and we are going out for dinner,what is he supposed to say?How is he supposed to behave?

If you ask me..he is supposed to take my hands ,look into my eyes and go like;


Tess you ain’t got a dress that I don’t like
You ain’t got a pair of jeans that don’t fit you just right
There’s not a minute in the day
That you don’t knock me out, you don’t blow me away
But, girl, now that the sun’s gone down
Looking at you right here and now, baby

Or he says;

Somethin’ ’bout that southern sky
Sittin’ back behind that moon
It goes perfect with your eyes
Girl tonight looks good on you
Somethin’ ’bout the way you’re smiling
Makin’ them stars fall right on cue
I just gotta tell you baby
Tonight looks good on you

You ain’t got a dress that I don’t like
You ain’t got a pair of jeans that don’t fit you just right
There’s not a minute in the day
That you don’t knock me out, you don’t blow me away

But girl now that this suns gone down
Woah whoah
Lookin’ at you right here and now, baby
Something ’bout that southern sky
Sittin back behind that moon
It goes perfect with your eyes
Girl tonight looks good on you
There’s something bout the way you’re smilin’
Making them stars fall right on cue
I just gotta tell you baby
Tonight looks good on you

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Whoooah,I daydreaming!!Lol. Anyway, ain’t romance a language we all understand? Meanwhile,play ‘Tonight’ by Jason Aldean..

Enjoy your love!

Find Your Peace

Sitting here listening to my favourite songs, I think I wouldn’t have been any better than I am right now.I mean,I have done what I needed to up to now…I have lived,loved,worked,prayed,cried,laughed…I am thinking I should just take it slow now..a day at a time.

Many times I have been filled with doubt.Have I done enough?What haven’t  I done?Is this right?You know all those questions that fill up your mind every single day …I am sure I am not can never be too sure.That’s why its called life otherwise if we could figure out the future, I bet nobody would be in the present.But why do we ask ourselves all these questions?I will answer you..

It is because that is what the world expects you to do,your family,friends,loved ones…people.These expectations fill us with anger, fear,anxiety,even pride.

I will not pretend I know much about life,I definitely haven’t seen it from your side but I know one thing; it is  a crime to live according to someone else’s expectations or speed…it keeps you worried and frustrated .My advice, stay on your lane and move at your speed.

Be in harmony or a state of calmness with your inner self,your mind and your environment. It is called finding your peace. Peace is a state of mind.


Find that which gives you peace. Is it an activity, a person, a place? Do it. Find them. Go there…Be at Peace..its all that really matters in the end.

Yours faithfully………………..

Kenyan Music……

I love music!

Kenyan music is so unique.  In fact, it is awesome and hilarious too.Our creativity is top notch…

I don’t deny the fact that majority of Kenyans love western music but then again,i think we should take time to listen and promote our own.

My current crush song is Wabe by P unit….”sina saa ya kuonyesha kitambi sauna…”Lol 😂😂

Then there is this new  girl in town called Michelle Bisonga. Her  voice is 👌👌👌👌.She has done a cover of Kenyan oldies and i bet you will love it…

Watch ,like ,share  and subscribe to her You tube channel

….Enjoy  🙂